Gender:Trans Man

Sexuality:Gay man



Birthday:April 20th


He is post-transition.Started at age 21.He was born without his right leg from the knee down but his prosthetic goes 4 inches over his knee.When in public, he always carries a gun and a knife on him, because he can.Adison gets his energy from in-taking pollution (Inhalation, Eating, literally anything that puts stuff in his body),and his body regrows body parts that were cut off from him, but it takes a different amount of time depending on which body part it is.He can also convert pollution into Oxegen.He cannot regrow his right leg where his prosthetic because he was born without it.

His favourite band is Bazingo Icecream.He has two boyfriends, Alexander and Solara.

Auther's Comments

He is the earliest character that I have drawn and continue to draw, and he has gone through many changes, most of them small, but changes still.The biggest (and one of the earliest) ones was changing him from a cis woman to a trans man.If you see his eye colors switch in official art, it's because I forgot which place they where and I didn't check if it was correct until after it was finished.The correct placement of the eye colors are green on the right and purple on the left.

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