Birthday:September 16

Species:Former Human, Now Skeleton

Pronouns:Xe/Xem Ae/Aer (Links are how to use them)




Gummi is the bassist for Bazingo Icecream.You can spell xer name as Gummi,Gummy or Gummie (all pronounced the same).Ae died when xer was 23 and then was revived when xer was fully decomposed by Otto that knows how to do that kind of stuff.Xer has to have xer magic recasted on aer every year unless aer wants to go back to the grave.

The thing in Xer's chest is a voice box that Otto put in there when he revived Gummy because the magic needed to make skeletons talk is SUPER complicated and only people really knowledgeable about magice can perform it (and I mean REALLY knowledgeable)

Author's Comments

You can make fan-made versions of Gummy when aer was a human.Gummi was the first character that I though of to include in Bazingo Icecream after Edward.