Age:Between 50-70

Species:Human (Plus a lot of genitic modifications of other species)

Birthday:Sometime in January


Oscar is a science man, kinda like a mad scientist but without the "insane" part of him, and he will do most anything to progress science further, and I really do mean anything.

Auther's Comments

Oscar's the one character that I'll probably draw and animate the least because he has so many scales on him and it's a pain in the ass to draw them all.Oscar came to me in a dream and I drew him the next day.He was always tall and lanky but I made changes to him like adding the tail and scales and made his fingers more pointy.Once I started developing a story for my Original Characters, I always intended for him to a major villian in a way, and I decided to make him look menicing, so over time, I made him look scarier over time.