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About Me

Kitchen Staff's persona, who is wearing a slightly damaged lab coat with blood on it, rubber 'Mad scientist' gloves, a crop top with a light purple, darker purple and blue swirls with a pastel purple shorts.He also has deep dark seddish purple colored high heeled boots that go past his knees.

Hi,I'm Kitchen Staff, and I'm the webmaster and the creater of Warum Warum Vrrmm.I've been making original characters since 2015.At first, they where just characters that I just drew with a little bit of personailty and backstory, but now they've gotten more development and even a story for them.I am planning to make a series about my characters in the future and to post it here when it's done.I'll put up some stuff like characters and some minor plot things but nothing major until the series releases.

I like VOCALOID, anime, video games, drawing, and cosplaying.Here are some songs that I really like.

I made this website because I don't wanna be scared that my series will randomly taken down because it violates some bullshit rule.

Some of the stamps and blinkies on here are ironic and some of them aren't, it's up to you to find out which is which.

The image to the left is my persona guy (who I drew and designed).

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